You are an employee, a leader of teams or entrepreneur and

  • searching for ways to approach technical problems
  • looking for tools to expand your creativity
  • having an idea but you’re not sure how to proceed
  • like to turn your invention into reality
  • planning to bring your idea to market and founding a company based on your invention

Like in crafts enterprises different tools are used to fulfil diverse tasks. Since more than 15 years in my daily routine, I give tools and methods to support my clients at their process of problem-solving.

Your personal profit:


  • use creative methods of problem-solving
  • detect idea-killers and remove stumbling blocks aside
  • develop strategies and plans for promoting your ideas
  • win valuable time
  • receive true feedback
  • create an innovation-friendly working atmosphere for your team
  • experience how to prepare your idea for the patent lawyer

Siencerely yours,


           Frank Krick

Note: No counsulting regarding patent law.